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There are two sets from my very first NUDE PHOTO SHOOT, that I submitted to my photographer after first meeting him at a club in Vegas! I had a friend take them, and then I sent them to my photographer! Of course he liked them and we ended up shooting all of these sets to make my website! In this set, there are over 70 pictures! :)


Just a few photos, but a very fun time in my SEXY BIKINI, at a foam party in Las Vegas! It get so wild at these...wet and messy...well, not that messy...but, they always make me wet! :)


The reason it says "birthdays', is because we BOTH turned 21 on the same day! JESSIKA and I were both in Las Vegas, and our photographer decided to suprise us with a great hotel to shoot at. We literally were shooting this set, at the stroke of midnight, as we eached turned 21! :)